Saturday, 17 October 2009

I love you Fuse Fm

After a year of ill-advised nights out, 50 minute lectures and fancy dress my freshers year was over. To demonstrate my enthusiasm for my second year in Manchester, I decided to put my shape on the city. Or as I explained to housemates, I planned to join a plethora of societies at the Freshers Fair and actually attend.
Top of my list was Fuse Fm which is run by and broadcast for Manchester University students for 4-week periods every semester. They've been on air under several different guises since 2001 and have a history of high quality broadcasting. After a quick google, sources explained that Fuse's DJs had won awards for the last three consecutive years at the National Student Radio Awards for both Male and Female Presenters of the Year.

After signing up to their mailing list and buying the wrist band, I was a paid up member only the difference between Fuse and my previous experiences of societies was that they actively encouraged me to get involved. I was skimming through my Facebook inbox when I came across an invite to interview a supermodel. Less than 24hours later and I had completed my first interview with Jodie Kidd guided my station manger Steve next to a Lamborghini MurciƩlago to promote the release of Forza 3 on the xbox 360. I'll admit that my knowledge of cars, xbox or interviewing technique were very limited but it was an amazing experience. I was particularly interested in how Jodie had pursued a career in such male-dominated arenas such as golfing, motoring and polo. I couldn't help asking her about her time working with Karl Lagerfeld also. Her incredible looks had landed her on the cover of British Vogue and US, Portuguese and Italian Elle but what most impressed me about her was her enthusiasm to prove that girls can pursue their ambitions in male environments across the board.

To listen to Fuse at work visit their website or go old school and listen on the radio 87.7FM within the Manchester area.

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