Saturday, 17 October 2009

Warehouses and all things that sparkle

The Student Direct Fashion editors had pushed me far outside my comfort zone. So far that I found myself in a warehouse just beyond the Northern Quarter surrounded by sparkles. Yety and Leah who run the Fashion Department at Student Direct have begun tested us new, eager writers by setting up a series of shoots styled my the writers themselves. The theme for the first week was 'All things that Sparkle' and as a result we found ourselves on a rainy friday afternoon, congregated in a carpark outside Hope Mill to meet with photographer Sarah Golding. I'll admit I found it hard dressing someone other than myself head to toe so but it was brilliant to see how other members of the group took to the task. My admiration for stylists had been abstract but I now realise the creativity required to produce a strong shoot. I was really impressed by the quality of photos produced and by all the effort the team went to.

The shoot in full will features in 'The Mancunion' this week which is available from the Student Union on Oxford Road.

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