Sunday, 4 October 2009

Flushed, energised and euphoric: Manchester

Sweaty, energised and euphoric is how I left the warehouse with its vaulted ceilings and leaking roof after attending a much anticipated Warehouse Project. Mention this name to any Mancunian or student in the city and opinion will be divided. There are those who believe the over-formulated layout, sponsership deals and rising ticket prices spell disaster for Manchester's famous dance scene but for those if us crammed under Piccadilly Station last night, the mood was dangerously excitable.

The line up included Manchester's own Delphic who warmed the crowd into a jubilant frenzy. Delphic's music perfectly fitted the mood at the start of the night before friends were lost to the bar or toilets, with anthemic hit 'Counterpoint' which was part of my first year uni soundtrack. Simian Mobile Disco were the act who most had come to see, their hits 'It's the beat', 'Hustler' and 'Audacity' proved to be the biggest crowd pleasers. Both Jas Shaw and James Ford who make up Simian as they are more commonly known are both Manchester Uni graduates and met whilst studying in the city. The intensity of the night was cranked up when Germany's Boys Noize took to the stage to DJ for those hardcore dance fans who had made it past 4am. For those who saw Boys Noize at Sankeys last year with Boy 8 Bit, most will agree it was one of the highlights of the dance calendar last year and certainly cemented Manchester in my mind as the party city.

With several more WHP tickets waiting patiently to be used on my dresser, roll on winter in Manchester.

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