Friday, 25 September 2009

Make mine thigh-high

I want them tight, black and studded.

Yes, this is what my dream shoe would resemble and thanks to Stella McCartney my fantasy has been realised with these gorgeous knee high creations. And surely it's a good sign when the designer Stella McCartney wears her own design having been spotted around town in them. Reportedly all reorders for pairs have been added to endless waiting lists. But these leads me question the thigh-high trend. Any fabrics too shiny or tight veers towards curb crawler fashion(!) Teamed with thick knits and with our chilly autumn temperatures, the trend appears bold and sensual. There's a certain added sexiness as the fabric reaches past the knee drawing the eye further up the curve of the leg.

Shoes such as these will be sold to the well-healed from sites such as net a porterand upmarket department across the UK. But does this herald the movement of more brave fashion into the mainstream? Although these boots may be outside of most fashion-lovers budgets when popstars such as Rihanna are spotted in these boots the trend seems more palatable. Similar pairs have already appeared in highstreet shops for this autumn/winter season. I quite honestly, I'm exctied. There's a greater sense of risk taking in highstreet fashion in recent years perhaps due to especially within the student community. Surely this is the stars such as Rihanna or the infamous Lady Gaga. A concentration of this theme is can be seen in its most free form during an individual's time at uni as that they can be more adventurous with the colour of their hair and the height of their knee highs. Long may this individuality reign!

This type of creativity oozed from the Deaf Institute that I attended this week. This type of debauched disco was exaggerated by the Quaker meeting house interior of the dancefloor. By a fashionable 11:30, the bar was teeming with bright young things. The DJs were those that also host the Up the Racket clubnights were framed by thick velvet curtains similar to a 1930s Berlin cinema. For me it is here that creativity within student dressing can be seen to the maximum with lace, studs, chains and sholder pads on show. I can't help but feel excited to be part of this of melee fashion hybrids even if I can't get my hands on Miss McCartney's boots. But I suppose there's no harm adding my name to the waiting list surely?

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