Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Return Ticket

I didn't think young people existed outside London. At least, they weren't on my radar and they certainly weren't having as much fun as I was. At 18 years old I was arrogant, ignorant and entirely London-centric only there were over 8 million people living in my tiny bubble. When I found myself immersed in all that Manchester had to offer I began to question why I hadn't moved here sooner. To conclude, my blog is my attempt to convey everything that inspires me in Manchester from the fashion, the people and the parties.

An immediate impact Manchester had on me was my attitude to the cold. My Yorkshire housemate explained flatly that Northerners don't do coats. I've braved Freshers Week as a second year in little more than cut off shorts and a t-shirt. This brave attitude has also extended to my footwear which now teeters on vertiginous. I remember previously gawping at girls in Sankeys who were balancing on 6inch Topshop heels at 5am. I've now joined this tribe. With this is mind these Alejandro Ingelmo shoes are my choice to complete this year's Freshers Week. Despite a $695 price tag, I would sacrifice my student loan for these just don't mention this to my landlord or chiropidist.

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