Monday, 29 March 2010

Delicious, dahling.

I've developed a crush. Not a schoolgirl crush, but a lifestyle crush.

The BBC's new cookery show 'The Delicious Miss Dahl' is split into episodes which Miss Dahl explains is characterised by the feelings which make her want to cook and more importantly, eat. The first episode is 'selfish' which focuses on the ephemeral joy of a day all to yourself. She's all verbose prose, miss matched crockery and pan shots of London's Spitalfields. She even seductively fondles a giant mozzarella when she invites us to her favourite cheese shop (cue fits of giggles). The food is of rugby player proportions despite her sylph like frame and complimented by credit crunch unfriendly ingredients. The show becomes Nigella for the well-read with literary references for the post A-level.

I'm left feeling slightly manipulated especially with the set we're lead to believe is the home of the delicious Miss Dahl is rented. But there's something I want to buy into (not just her latest cook book). I want to wear her subtly sexy floral tea dresses whilst leaning against a sturdy Aga pondering how I'll use my remaining crystallised rose petals. But if this is food porn, I want seconds.

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