Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Tonight's about the beats.

Warehouse Project Style Guide

Searing heat in a warehouse teaming with jerking bodies. Hardly inducive of style but Manchester's Warehouse Project has encouraged a look that not only overcomes but embraces these conditions. But ravers, please tell me what to wear and which clothing will last the whole night?

Firstly, you're going to suffer huge variations in temperature from the frozen smoking area to the heaving front row. Light-weight, hooded cardigans can be tied at the waist as you push your way to the front and will be needed for braving the elements outside. Boyfriend jeans may have been in fashion this year but stealing his Adidas jumper is perfect for Warehouse. Preferably vintage and hugely oversized, you'll appreciate them on the walk of shame home the next morning. However, do embrace the 1990s acid house subculture, consider slashing loose dresses or denim shorts as the exposure of skin is mandatory. All Saints can do this for you if you're willing to stretch your student budget.

T-shirts demonstrating your musical knowledge are welcomed, for example those from record labels such as Turbo, home to Tiga and Boys Noize, or Norman Cook's Southern Fried Records. Merchandise from acts who have previously played at the Warehouse Project or who are respected by this subset are also popular. Another option are cult clothing brands such as White Label, Reddot and Super Saveloy who supply t-shirts of electrified colours with digital prints and are readily available online.

Bum bags, if you hadn't already purchased one for festivals this summer, are a perfect choice. These 1980s relics are intrinsic to the throwback vibe of dressing for the Warehouse Project. Not only will you be able to store your ticket, fan and camera but your hands will be free for dancing until 6am.

Make up and hair must be sweat-proof. False eyelashes are a clever choice by creating a durable but dramatic look. Any attempt to style your hair using products will become a sticky mess so it's wise to tie it up once you abandon the idea of looking presentable.

Abandoned to the beat and lost under strobe lights, you will be entirely consumed by the Warehouse Project. But more than anything, leave your high heels and vanity at the warehouse doors, tonight's about the beats.

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