Thursday, 10 December 2009

Dressing for the weekend

Amid a flurry of deadlines, I've just booked my train home and I find myself awash with feelings of confusion in this festive period. I can't process the 'Home Georgia' and the 'Uni Student' without verging on schizophrenia. It was the Imogen Fox's (2009) article about HRH The Queen's recent visit to Trinidad and Tobago in the Guardian that expressed my feelings perfectly. Like the stately birds of paradise of the Caribbean Islands, our sovereign was draped in a colour palette of orange and lime with a swathe of Batik print. Her formal attire was embellished with the national birds and flora of Trinidad and Tobago. With this sudden flourish into 'jazzy' prints and real colour, her style team had clearly taken influence from her location. This theme has run riot in my university wardrobe. 'Manchester Georgia' dons her fishnets, cut off shorts and industrial boots with vigour but upon returning to the family home, I feel like a backpacker returning to the city: scruffy and under dressed. But can our monarch help me out of my fashion rut?

In the house I share with 5 other girls, I notice an energetic approach to grooming towards the end of term. The customary exfoliation, fake tan and vigourous gym trips ensue so I know that I'm not alone in this holiday fixation . In biology, we're taught how animals adapt to their habitat but what happens when the switch occurs every 3 months? Like a patriotic British citizen, I'm choosing to emulate the Queen not by decking myself out in tropical bird feathers and garish colour but my taking influences from the spaces I inhabit rather than let them dictate my style choices. For childhood friends I'll spend the festive season with, expect a more relaxed approach to dressing from me. After so many deadlines, my focus is pure indulgence over calculated style choices.

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